Restaurants for the 12th ODF plugfest

Pre-plugfest dinner

Instead of a pre-plugfest dinner for those attendees that are already in Paris, we have been invited to join the social event of the Paris Open Source Summit. This will take place from 19h00 at Square.Paris - Renault, 100 Rue Amelot, 75011 Paris. Please register directly.

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Plugfest dinner

The Plugfest dinner of the 12th edition of the ODF Plugfest will take place in Cafe Pinson Marais.

Address and directions

Cafe Pinson

Cafe Pinson Marais

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6 rue du forez
Paris (3rd arrondissement)

Phone: +33 (0)9 83 82 53 53

There is some time for you to freshen up between the end of the session and the start of dinner at 19.00h.